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Next Auto, the Insurance for #CarWithPeaceofMind

What is Next Auto

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We offer you the best coverage at the best price

You can manage your savings according to how much you use your car

Thanks to our technology we make your life a lot easier

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  • Why we are Premium

    Because we always give you the best cover regardless of the kilometres you drive. With Next Auto, you can manage the cost of your insurance according to when you use the car and not by the cover you select. Regardless of what contract you take out, we will give you the best cover for: Full Comprehensive, Full Comprehensive with Excess and Advanced Third Party.

  • Our objective

    You will be able to manage your consumption on your insurance without affecting the Service you have taken out. It does not matter how little you use the car, you will still get the best cover.

Otros Next Auto
Advanced Third Party

In addition to the same cover given by other insurances, we also cover:

  • > Replacement vehicle *
  • > Total loss for damages *
  • > Damages caused by theft, fire and broken windscreens
  • > Telephone legal advice
  • > Courses to recover points and driving licence
  • > Location and management of fines
  • > Unlimited legal and medical assistance
  • > Premium road assistance from 0 km
  • > Free choice of garage to take your vehicle

*Cover is available depending on the underwriter

Otros Next Auto
Full Comprehensive with Excess (FCE)

In addition to Advanced Third Party Cover and Full Comprehensive with Excess, you will have:

  • > Excess financing *
  • > Loan for the repair of the vehicle *
  • > Damage to tyres

*Cover is available depending on the underwriter

Otros Next Auto
Full Comprehensive

In addition to all Advanced Third Party and Full Comprehensive with Excess cover, you will have:

  • > Compensation for each day for stolen vehicle
  • > All cover will include damages caused by hunting animals and hail.
  • Why do you save with NEXT AUTO?

    Because it is the only one that allows you to pay only when you use your car. Aimed at people who care about the amount they consume and rationalize costs according to the amount of use they make of things, this insurance allows you to save while not using your car. You are insured just for the amount of kilometres you need, and you don’t pay for more, without loss to the quality or guarantee of the insurance.

  • What happens if I run out of kilometres?

    We operate like a pre-paid telephone card. You will be able to top-up for the kilometres you need, and if you do not use all the kilometres, we will add them to the next year so that you never lose them. What is yours is yours, so you never have to pay for more. You only pay for what you drive.

  • For whom is this insurance intended?

    It is specifically for people with peaceful cars, cars that are not used a lot or not used everyday, who are therefore not interested in paying the same as for a car that is used a lot. If you drive frequently and the car is exposed to daily use, it is highly likely that something can happen and therefore, you will not be able to save with our insurance.

  • Why is it a smart insurance?

    We call it a smart insurance because we have incorporated technology which allows us to manage new additional services, which no one else offers, efficiently and always to the benefit of the driver. We have succeeded in giving you satisfaction with your insurance without worrying about how you drive. We will keep you informed without you worrying about anything.

  • What does the smart insurance include?

    Thanks to our NEXT2GO, you will be able to monitor the following services on your mobile, tablet or PC:

  • Consumption.
  • Maintenance services, breakdowns and vehicle wear and tear in real time.
  • Geolocation.
  • E-Call.
  • Alerts and alarms.

How does it work?


You choose the type of insurance you need and how much you use your car...



We send you a device to your home address for you to connect to your vehicle, and so you can convert your car into a Smart Car...



Thanks to our technology, you can check the ‘cost’ and consumption on your insurance...



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If you drive more than 10,000 km a year or your car is more than 15 years old, we can offer you another insurance that is best suited to your needs.

Next Auto has thought about those who do not use the car a lot, and we do not want you to miss out on savings. Leave us your details and we will be in contact with you to give you the best price on your current policy.

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