Mandatory Third Party Liability

The obligation to compensate a third party for injuries and damages caused by the vehicle included in the specific conditions because of traffic incidents, when the insured party is civilly liable, in accordance with the provision set out in the Royal Legislative Decree 8/2004 of 29 October, approving the re-stated text of the Spanish Law on Liability Insurance on the Circulation of Motorized Vehicles, as well as Royal Decree 7/2001 approving the re-stated text of the Regulation on Liability Insurance in the Circulation of Motorized Vehicles. For more details, check the General and Specific Conditions on your policy.

Included Included Included
Comprehensive Third Party Liability

With this cover, the Underwriter will guarantee payment, within the agreed limits, of compensation for which the insured person / driver is civilly liable, as a result of damages caused to third persons by a traffic incident, the use and rest of the insured vehicle, which exceeds the limits set by Mandatory Third Party Liability.

Up to 50 million EUROS per insurance claim, whatever the number of vehicles or assets affected, either for material damage or physical injury.

Included Included Included
Legal defence and Claim for damages

It includes legal assistance, judicial and extra-judicial, as a result of a traffic accident in which the insured vehicle is involved. Unlimited legal assistance from the company and with a limit of 1,000€ for legal counsel of their choice.

Included Included Included
Defence and proceedings on fines

The Underwriter will be responsible for counsel and drawing up written documents and resources envisaged in the administration of those sanctioning procedures brought against the Insured person, Policy Holder, Authorized Driver as a consequence of violations of the law regarding Traffic, the Circulation of Motorized Vehicles and Road Safety, occurring in Spanish Territory, which does not include parking regulations.

Included Included Included
Sanctions Locator

Information on the sanctions which are published on certified websites in its name will be given.

Included Included Included
Advance on repair costs

The Underwriter guarantees an advanced payment of compensation for the repair for material damages to the insured car caused by a third party, when the Insuring Company of the third party has agreed to pay the aforesaid compensation.

Included Included Included

When, as a result of a traffic accident, a third party has been declared by the courts as being liable for the payment of material damages to the insured car but that sentence cannot be executed because the persons responsible for payment are declared insolvent, the Underwriter will pay the amount indicated in the judgment for material damages up to a limit of 8,000 EUROS.

Included Included Included
Broken windscreen

By the same token, in the case of a broken windscreen of the insured vehicle, the Underwriter will pay for the cost of replacement or repair, as well as the cost of installation when breakage is by an external, violent, sudden cause beyond the control of the Insured person or the Driver.

Without excess Without excess Without excess
Asitur (Roadside assistance)

Persons and vehicle from 0 kilometres.

Included Included Included
Hunting animals *

In traffic accidents involving collision with animals of prey, the Underwriter will pay the cost of repair for damages to the insured vehicle.

- - Included
Hail *

Through this cover, material damages caused to the exterior of the insured vehicle as a result of rocks and hail will be paid.

- - Included

It covers damages to the Insured vehicle as a consequence of an accident by external, violent, sudden, repeated and unforeseen causes beyond the control of the Insured person or Driver, whether the vehicle is in motion, parked or being transported.

Fire Excess 250€ Without excess
Finance for damages

A loan for an amount, equal to or lower than the excess, is guaranteed for the repair of damages to the insured vehicle as a result of a claim.

- Included -

It covers the compensation for damages arising from the unlawful taking of the insured vehicle by third parties. It includes:

  1. a. Complete theft of the vehicle.
    100% value for the first two years of registration for a new car
    80% value for the third year of registration for a new car
    110% Market value for more than three years
  2. b. Theft of parts which make up the fixed parts of the vehicle, which does not include optional equipment.
  3. c. Theft of optional equipment, as stated in the Specific Conditions in the Policy.
  4. d. Damages caused to the insured vehicle during the time in which it is in the possession of third parties, as a result of theft, as well as those caused in the commission of the crime, whatever the form, and in the theft attempt.
Included Included Included
Daily compensation for theft *

The Underwriter will guarantee payment of daily compensation. Payment of the compensation will start from the fifth day after the date of the disappearance of the vehicle, which is recorded in the reporting of the crime.

- - 45€/day

Whenever in the claim there are damages to more parts of the vehicle.

- Excess 250€ Included

Payment of compensation for personal injuries suffered by the driver of the insured vehicle.

Included Included Included
Death of driver
20,000€ 40,000€ 50,000€
Driver disability

Any condition of the Insured person arising from physical injuries which, after prescribed medical treatment and all medical treatment possibilities have been exhausted, cause physical or operational incapacity, which is foreseeably definitive and objectively determinable, making any kind of work impossible, will be deemed to be absolutely and permanently disabled.

10,000€ 20,000€ 25,000€
Type of Driver disability
Absolute Absolute Absolute
Non-subsidized Driver Centre Assistance *
1,000€ 2,000€ 2,000€
Subsidized Driver Centre Assistance *
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Administration and funeral costs *
- - 3,000€
Courses to recover driver points *
250€ 250€ 250€
Courses to recover total driver points *
500€ 500€ 500€
Replacement vehicle *
Included Included Included
Total loss for damages *
Included Included Included
Telephone legal advice *
Included Included Included